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Cocaine Addiction

My dad has a cocaine addiction and I don't know how to help him. Can you please send me some information?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

12 Step Online

I found 12 step online and I was disappointed in the system. I think my husband is going to need more in order to get sober and stay that way. Is there any other type of online help we can get that offers a more intense type of program?

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

What kind of cocaine addiction treatment is out there? I need help!

Marijuana Addiction Recovery

I've been in marijuana addiction recovery for over a year and my question is why do I still have cravings for the drug? I don't want to use but, sometimes it's really hard to stay away from it.

Prescription Addiction

Prescription addiction has me doing things I never thought I would do like stealing. How can I get better?

Rehab For Alcohol

I need rehab for alcohol for my dad. Can you help me find him a place to go?

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